5 Health benefits of Valerian for you and your pets

ValerianAs legend would have it, valerian was used by the Pied Piper to clear rodents out of Hamelin.

But it’s not just rodents who go crazy for this herb, cats and dogs go mad for it too and when you look at its health benefits for both humans and animals, it’s plain to see why.

Today, the herb is lauded for its ability to soothe anxiety and relax active minds that do not allow for restful sleep and if you can ignore its stinky smell, you’ll find it can be a very effective herbal remedy.

Here are just 5 health benefits of Valerian.

1. Sleep

Valerian is most famously known for its benefits with instigating a healthy sleep cycle. Currently, about 50% of the population struggle to get to sleep or they wake-up during the night. People are often frustrated with the sleeping pills that doctors prescribe and would like to try a natural alternative.

2. Heart health

Valerian helps to maintain the health of the heart; it strengthens the blood vessels and improves their elasticity. Valerian may also help to normalise blood pressure. Considering that the biggest cause of death in the UK is cardiovascular disease, this may be a popular choice of herb for many people.

3. Relaxation

Valerian is thought to work on calming down nervous function; important for helping you to cope with the stress of a busy lifestyle. Valerian can be used to help you relax and unwind, which may help you to deal with both psychical and mental tension, calmness and irritability.

4. Digestion

Valerian can be used in digestive disorders and spasms of the digestive tract. It may stimulate the activity of the digestive tract which is beneficial in many digestive conditions. Many people may find some relief in digestive disorders by taking valerian. Gas can be uncomfortable and embarrassing at the best of times, however it is a surprisingly common problem. Taking some valerian tea may be especially beneficial after a meal.

5. Cognition

Valerian may help to maintain good cognitive function. Many people desire a higher cognitive function and performance. Valerian may be the herb for you.

Valerian for your pets

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