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Dog flu infects thousands of dogs in US


A new strain of dog flu has been detected in the US and has already infected thousands of dogs in the Midwest, six of which have died, according to animal health officials. The canine influenza virus – via a strain called H3N2 – first struck dogs in Chicago in January, but now has spread to Wisconsin, Ohio and Indiana, according to a report from the Associated Press. This strain of the illness has been common in China and South Korea for years, but had not been seen in North America prior to this year. Symptoms of the illness are similar to human symptoms of the flu and include a cough, runny nose, lack of appetite and fever. Officials in Chicago have reported 1,137 cases in the area, with six deaths. Though exact numbers aren’t available for the whole Midwest outbreak, one official says it is less than 5,000 cases. Animal… Read more »

Paul Boland guest speaker at I.S.B.T.A Show & Seminar in Dublin


Our very own Paul Boland will be guest speaker at this year’s I.S.B.T.A Championship show and seminar to be held in Dublin on August the 8th. Paul is no stranger to public speaking as he lectures on Canine reproduction at the University of Liverpool Veterinary School. Paul will speak on the natural management of small animal diseases, including cancer, with natural stem cell enhancers and nutraceuticals as well as the future of buying products for your pet online and Canine reproduction. Paul has been involved in breeding Staffordshire Bull Terriers for 31 years and very well respected worldwide for his work, so the event is sure to be popular. Paul will also be a guest on a questions and answers panel along with top breeders Mick Clarke and Martin Murphy, who will be taking questions from the floor about all areas of pet care and dog breeding. “I’m honoured to… Read more »

The Natural Health Vet Dog Quiz

Vets Corner

Due to the amount of time you spend with your dog you probably know your pet as well as anybody. When they like to eat, when they like to sleep, all their little pet hates and traits. But it’s amazing how many dog owners know very little about some very important areas when it comes to their pet’s health and well-being. So here’s a chance to put your knowledge to the test and answer questions under the spotlight on your specialist subject. Try our very own Natural Health Vet quiz to see how much you know about keeping dogs. And remember. No conferring!  

Mastitis can be very painful but stem cell enhancement can offer relief

Vets Corner

Mastitis can be common in bitches that have just whelped. Even so, it can still be a very painful and uncomfortable experience for any dog. But as Paul Boland explains, there are various treatments that can cure this unpleasant condition. Mastitis is inflammation of mammary glands associated with bacterial infection that can lead to abscess formation and gangrene. The three common bacteria are E. Coli, Streptococcus and Staphylococcus spp and these bacteria can enter the mammary gland via the skin of the gland especially if is broken or via the bloodstream. Mastitis can occur in the later stages of false pregnancy but it is far more common after whelping in the nursing bitch. The puppies’ nails can damage the mammary glands leading to cuts and abrasions that allow the bacteria to enter then glands. Therefore, it is important to keep clipping the puppies’ nails, as once a bitch has mastitis… Read more »

5 Ways to keep your pet healthy in the New Year


We all tend to make resolutions around this time of year, and most of them revolve around our health and wellbeing over the next 12 months. We join the gym, we start dieting, some of us give up the booze. But what about those that we spend so much of our lives with? No, not our partners or family, but our pets. They need looking after throughout the year, and often they rely on us to do it for them. So as well as making a few resolutions for ourselves, here are a few things you can do for your fury friend that will ensure it is fit and healthy, not just for January, but for the rest of the year.   1. Get Plenty of Exercise It’s recommended that dog owners should take their pets for a brisk walk of at least 20 minutes twice a day. Not only… Read more »