How can we use natural remedies to slow cancer growth?

Finding out that your dog has a tumour is a nightmare for any pet owner.  And if surgery is out of the question then the only treatment usually available for a Soft Tissue Sarcoma  is chemotherapy or radiation therapy. But as Paul Boland explains, there are some natural remedies that can slow down the growth of the tumour. Soft tissue sarcomas (STS) are malignant ... Read more →

Vet of the Year nomination for Natural Health Vet’s Paul Boland

It’s been a great start to the New Year already for us here at Natural Health Vet with our very own Paul Boland being nominated  for  Petplan’s 2015 Vet of the Year award. Petplan works closely with the veterinary profession and sees first hand the fantastic work that goes on in veterinary practices across the UK. The Vet of the Year award provides a... Read more →

Health checklist for felines of a certain age as Senior Cat Club set to open in 2015

None of us are getting any younger and the same can be said for our pets too. Obviously the life expectancy of a cat is much shorter than us humans, but with a little care and attention, a healthy cat should be able to live well into its teenage years. Our Senior Cat Club will open in January 2015 run by Emma Donald RVN ISFM CertFN DipFN with consultations run by our... Read more →

It’s possible to fight bowel statis and here’s how

Bowel stasis or ileus is a common condition of domesticated rabbits which can be very serious and life threatening. But you will be pleased to hear you can help to prevent this happening again with some natural changes to your rabbit’s environment and diet. Let Paul Boland tell you more. In the wild rabbits graze on grass, flowers and some root vegetables throughout... Read more →

Why a lost claw can be a warning sign for your pet

There are many people who wouldn’t think about taking their dog to the vet just for the loss of a nail. But this could be the first signs of Symmetrical Lupoid Onychodystrophy (SLO), and if not treated, it can lead to lameness or maybe something more serious. So let Paul Boland tell you what you need to know about a disease which attacks a dog’s immune system.... Read more →