An alternative approach to chronic renal failure

Chronic Renal Failure is a very serious condition which is common in older cats. But if treated properly there is no reason why your pet can’t live a long and healthy life. Paul Boland looks at its causes and what you can use in terms of alternative treatments. We do not fully understand the underlying causes but it has been suggested that there may be a link w... Read more →

Lumps and bumps on your dog’s paws? It could be interdigital cysts

Most dog owners fear the worst when they find lumps or bumps on their dog’s paws, but as Paul Boland explains, this isn’t necessarily anything serious. If you’ve noticed lumps that look like a fleshy welt, an ulcerated sore or a hairless bump between your dog’s toes, then it is more than likely your dog has an interdigital cyst. The correct term for this is ac... Read more →

Don’t just accept behavioural changes in your dog as a sign of age

If you’ve started noticing some strange behavioural changes in your dog don’t just put this down to old age, there may be something you can do about it. Paul Boland looks at what action owners may be able can take. Symptoms like howling at night and messing in the home can be classic signs of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, a condition we see quite regularly now.... Read more →

Is there a natural alternative to chemical wormers?

Most responsible dog owners will treat their pet for worms, but many are reluctant to use chemical products for fear of unpleasant side-effects. Paul Boland looks at the best way to prevent worms in your dog, as well as some natural remedies and herbal treatments that can be effective. Animals can pick worms up in a number of ways. Common ways to get worms are from i... Read more →

Dealing with dog diarrhoea

Diarrhoea in dogs is such a common problem it’s usually not a case of if it will happen, but rather when it will happen. Here Paul Boland looks at what can cause it, how to tackle it and what you can do to prevent it in the latest of our Vet’s Corner series… Diarrhoea is the passage of loose, unformed faeces. Initially there is normally a large volume of s... Read more →